send message to specific obj

is there a way to send a message (using python) to a specific object?
I know you can do it using the logic bricks, but I need to use python for this situation.
In the docs it says the Message Actuator can use “setToPropName(name)”, but nothing like “setToName(name)” where you could use a variable to set a specific object’s name. Is that right, or am I missing something.

The same seems to be true of the property actuator.

Thanks for any help!

ok then, is there a way to send a message to an object’s parent using the message actuator? Is there some expression or python script that would do that?

I don’t think you can, but you can get the parent object, call any of the parent object’s methods and even “send a message” by changing it’s properties. (So you would add a property and property sensor instead of a message sensor)

controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController ()
child = controller.getOwner ()
parent = child.getParent ()
parent.my_property = “my message”