Send to Unreal Engine add on not working in Blender 3

I tried adding to new Blender 3, but comes up with error message, anyone know if this is working?

Yes, I’ve been using it with Blender 3 and it works great. No problems with the plug in. (I’m running into issues some exported FBX meshes coming into Unreal with missing faces, but it’s nothing to do with the plug in.) Might your error be about Smoothing groups? If so, you have go into Pipeline > Export > Advanced Dialog and set Smoothing to Faces.

The problem you were having might be because you didn’t have the Epic Launcher open. I found that I had to have both the Editor and the Launcher open when sending from Blender.

Apologies for the late delay. I managed to fix the problem, and it works great now, thanks for the feedback.