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watch this video:

Send to Unreal - Quickstart | Unreal Engine - YouTube

does this addon work well?
will textures already in the material channels already linked in the mesh?
pbr material settings too?


Are objects exported at their position in the scene?

this is the fastest and most organized exporter blender to unreal?

I noticed that there are more exporters of blender to unreal
which one would be the best?
the least laborious?
and the fastest?

I have used this and it works really well. I would recommend it and it’s a free addon - you just need to link your github account with epics github account.

It’s a little more tricky with rigify, but they are fixing bugs all the time, so it’s getting better.

I haven’t tried other exporters, but this is an official unreal one and I have not had any need to look for another.

Is this for single objects or does it work decently with complete scenes?

Yes it can work with whole scenes.

When you install the addon with blender it creates some additional folders. ‘Meshes,’ ‘Rigs,’ ‘collision’ and ‘extra’. Whatever objects you move into these folders will be imported into Unreal engine with you export from Blender.

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You’ll need to connect your unreal/epic account to github, but once done you should have access to the tools -

I never knew this- thanks for sharing, as i was looking out for options these days :smiley: @motion-forge-cg

Edit: Oops looks like the link has expired some how

Edit 2: Got it working… I had to link unreal to github and then accept github invitation in your email as he mentioned^

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It makes the whole process a lot quicker and means you can focus more on creating as opposed to importing! :slight_smile:

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I tried it and it works fine.
Regarding exporting a scene am I assuming correctly that it only exports every scene object but does not place it into the unreal scene at the correct location? Or did I miss something?

I mean just like importing whole scenes with “import into level”.

As far as I am aware it will import the objects within the mesh folder, but I don’t think it will put them in specific locations, but I will check this and if not I’ll make a request in the Github page as this would be very useful.