Sending a Property Value?

I was just wondering if there was a way to send one property value on one mesh to another mesh’s property, instead of copying from one mesh to the current one I want to send a property from the current one to another one, I know it sounds weird, but thats the only way it will work, I read something once about sending a value in a message, but I don’t know how.

You mean copying the value of one property to the next? You can do it in a python script pretty easily… I could send you an example if you want.

Well, more sending it, like I want multible objects to send the value in one message, instead of having to make a message for each one.

Could you put in context of what you’re trying to do? I’m having trouble understanding what you mean.

Well, I think I actually found what I needed in the blender game kit, you can attach a property value of one object into a message and send it with the message to the other objects property, so I think I figured it out.

Arlight, good… It still might be easier to do in a script though… Idk, mabye not…

Yeah, it uses a script from the blender game kit, thanks for the help.

You can use the S2A library. Look at the S2A.firstBodyToValue function. It copies the value from the message sensor into the property defined in the property actuators.

I hope it helps