Sending an .mp3 to my cell phone--how?

I’d like to send an mp3 file to my cell phone ( a motorola with bluetooth). However, my Pc doesn’t have bluetooth and I don’t know how to email my phone. So can someone please tell me how to send a sound file to my phone?

I’ve been searching the web for hours now, and I give up. Software I’ve found-hasn’t worked.

Anyone know how to do this?

usually you can buy a USB cable for the phone and just transfer it over…

Buy a bluetooth dongle for your PC.

~$0.25 to email it to your phone (don’t know your address?).
$15-$30 for an IrDA (infrared) dongle (might be built into you computer already?).
$25-$40 for a bluetooth dongle
$20-$100 for the phone’s USB cable.

address is [email protected]
However, I sent myself an email from gmail with the file attached but it never arrived.

your phone may not be set up to receive mail from your service provider.
you might check some cell sites (like : search for your provider and manufacturer) to see how to set up your phone

lol all i gota say is that u pay 1 cent per killobite of information, if u send something 30 megs in size prepare to pay 30 buks for the transfer lol

its only 90 kb
and thanks for the help guys. I’ll prbly just buy a cord