Sending Emails ?

can i send an email with BGE ?

Im not sure if it works in BGE but it should.

yes you can as long as you know python. I just been checking the tutorial. doesn’t look that complex

it’s not working , can you help us with a blend retro :slight_smile: .

sure, what do you want help with?

EDIT: One more thing, you will need a server on the computer your sending from to send it and a listener too. check this out

can i send an email with my Gmail account ? in the game

it will be a test Gmail account .

I have just did a test and I managed to send an email from my Gmail acount to my hotmail account.

check out my thread.
It has the source code for sending emails using a google account from python.

It wouldn’t be that hard to put that code into blender either check it.