Sending files from Cinema 4d to Blender and the other way around

Hello, im searching for a way (plugin or anything) to send a piece of geometry from c4d to blender or the other way around but with a fast kind of exchange, not talking about exporting as an fbx than opening it on l the other side, im talking like something with a button and its on the other side, any thing like this exists ? :thinking:

Would an Alembic cache perhaps work?

Thnx, but thats not a live link operation, i mainly do modeling and want to send objects between the 2 softwares fast for a seamless workflow to use both softwares tools that suits me in a given situation.

Ah, a live link.
Never heard of a live link addon between C4D and Blender.
You’d probably have to script something.

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I don’t know what C4D/Blender versions you’re using, or what version this add-on works with, but you can take a look. I remember I tried it with Blender 2.9 and C4D 21 and it was working fine at the time:

There’s also a Gumroad page:

Yeah, i tried this one and did work partially on one end and not from the other, contacted the dev and he told me he will check, still waiting :+1: