Sending game information to game website

im making a car game and im planning to make a score system like who finished the race lap early, he will has best score.
Best scores will be saved game folder and game will send this information to game’s website.
i seached some like sending email with python. i found smtplib but i dont want to send email, i want to send little information which that website can take information and list it.
is there an easy way to send information from game to website ?

Yes there is a way using some kind of XML socked server, and RSS i think.
Ask user C-106 Delta, he was able to do this a think.

Eh, why not just use plain HTTP?

I think he wants to send info directly to a website within blender game engine in real time.

You could put it in a mysql table.

I’m half interested in this so I did some searching, there is a mysql module for python called MySQLdb, can be downloaded here and here is a guide on using it. You’re probably going to have to include this module in the folder the game is in for other people to be able to play it. (is it possible for modules to be compiled into blender?)

Another option is using xml like haidme said, this is probably better if you don’t have access to a mysql table.

You could save the scores to a text file and have PHP read the text…

You could save the scores to a text file and have PHP read the text…

ok but i want that the game will send text file or information to website. i can save textfile or xml thing but like haidme said i want to send information from game