Sending Meshes and Textures

Alright I finished something for a project for someone for Morrowind and I am wanting to know if there is anything I need to do to make the mesh and texture able to be put in the game and how exactly would I send the mesh and texture alone to a guy without him having to have blender. I want to send it to him so he can just insert it into the game. It is almost time for my deadline and I am really hoping that at least one of you can help me with this because I am baffled on how I am supposed to do it. Thank you. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Will someone please help me?

That’s not a trivial task. First of all, you have to ask your employer in what format he/she wants to get the model. After that go to File/Export menu and see if there’s such an exporter. In most cases, employer wants to get a model in Maya or Max format. If so - just use fbx or 3dx exporter. But don’t forget to test the exported file in Maya or Max before sending to employer.