Sending textures along with EXE

I am building a game and want to save it as exe. When I saveusing the Save Runtime option, the exe file doesnt show some of the textures. Also if I send it to someone, he also can’t see any of the textures. My question is, how can I save an exe along with the textures so no matter where I put the game or the textures, the EXE file will be able to locate them and use them.

You must pack your files first. Go to FILE > PACK DATA

A little rubik cube should appear near the toolbar. Then save the runtime. :cool:

aah…in that case i am very sorry for asking such an easy and stupid question.:eek: and thank you very much!!!:rolleyes:

Make sure the textures aren’t in a format like .gif, or anything that won’t work on the .exe.