Senegalese Man

It’s been a while since I tried modeling a human, and I needed one for a project I’m working on.

An update. I hope to post daily updates if only spur me onto finishing as soon as possible.

Added hands and defined legs down to the calves.

Got the mesh unwrapped and starting to detail the textures. I haven’t got to the normal map or specularily maps yet. This is just the color map.


nice one , looking very African so far looking forward to see final render.

Added a bump map - subsurface scattering (using the defaults for skin 1). I didn’t save anything I did with the specular map. The results didn’t look so good. I am tempted keep him bald so I don’t have to figure out how to make his hair look natural. Up to now whenever I worked with a hair particle system, I used straight hair - no kinks. A pretty high percentage of men in Senegal shave their heads anyway (At least from what I remember.) I will need to add eyebrows yet.

I think the shaved head looks good but if you do go for hair it would normally be very short anyway.

I tweaked the mesh to have the teeth not have sub-surface scattering.

I used the rigify plugin and spent the rest of the day trying to fix weight paint issues.

For some reason, weight painting wasn’t working, so I settled for selecting vertex groups and assigning weights manually. Slow, but it did work. I do have some tweaking as the shirt and pants don’t share the same weighting as the guy’s body .