It’s been a while since I last posted here :slight_smile:

I wanted to share with you one of my latest works called “Senescence”:

It appears the image is being automatically resized/blurred a bit to fit the post:
you can click here to see it full sized and more clearly.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Very interesting. It reminds my of an extremely abstract representation of “The Pieta”. I love the swirls of Red, Gold, and Green in the background (Dam now I have Karma Kameleon stuck in my head). Great work as always Robert but not as great as the Yellow cube. :wink:

great work man i like it i dont know what it is or what it want to say but i like it

This resembles very fine art like in the Louvre or something, very good use of compositing if you’ve done so.

Only thing is, on a computer, you can just re-do if you don’t get something right;)

Looks like the virgin Mary cradelling the baby Jesus, with some sort of demon or angel floating over them.
The hyperdetail is overwhelming me quite a bit, looking at it actually hurts my eyes.
Sorry i cant give any better crits or comments.

I like it a lot. Very different, special.

It’s hard to decide if this is too much detail.
I like it though. This one really has the essence of sculpture. Might I ask what the polycount is?

Hey Robertt, nice to see new stuff from you! :slight_smile:

Very nice, as usual. Your titles and creation always intrigue me, and this one is no exception.

Senescence is basicly the degradation of oneself due to its age…and for me, this is clearly a representation of the pieta by Michelangelo. Would this be a reflexion on the state of the Church, and its slow self-destruction because of its anchoring in the past?

(this comment is in no way attempting to start a flamewar…really…we’re talking art, nothing else. please)

I might be totally wrong tho, but that is what is interesting with open-interpretation pieces like this. I like it.

Interesting, and, as usual, the hyper detail is great. However, I’m not feeling the color pallet. Color wise it feels very low contrast…

hmm, well done, looks like ‘madonna and child’ to me.

Thanks for the replies, everyone, especially the interpretations :slight_smile:

To answer the question regarding poly count: approximately 2.5 million at rendertime.


Wow. I have been using blender for a while now. I’ve seen a lot of stuff made in blender, and usually I can guess as to how it was made. But this…this, I have no clue. Your artwork is really amazing. How is it you go about modeling the objects in your scenes like these? How do you get it to look so much like a painting? Great stuff here.

Well I googled the name of your title, because I didn’t know the definition. So it’s a dying person, I can’t tell if there is just one, or one with a person on her lap? and maybe an angel upper left?

At first I thought this hes just a digital painting or even a real canvas one, so the render is awesome. On the bottom right has resemblance to anything 3d-ish looking.

Now a request, turn it into a kool animation somehow, it would look so weird.

Very nice, this definitely has some Van Gho-ishness to it.

Wow…you, Sir, are a wonderful artist.

No crits from me since it’s flawless.

Very Intense :eek:
As a new user here I have been reading through the “Finished Projects”.
Every single piece that you create amazes me. This one reminds me of Salvador Dali
in a way. There is much more to the picture than one can see at a glance.

Cannot wait to see your next idea

At first glance I didn’t see it, but now it hit me. There’s a female shape there, kneeled down on her one knee, looking to her side at something. The colorization of the background makes the shape pop out very niecly from the surrondings. Very nice picture, that certainly is open for interpretations.

wow, impressive, my mom really liked it too