Senior Maya Riggers - Liquid Animation (Multiple positions - Brisbane + Freelance)

Liquid Animation, one of Australia’s leading animation studios with over 15 years experience working with international entertainment companies is seeking experienced Senior Maya Riggers to work either in-house or freelance on an upcoming project.

The following skills are considered essential to the review of potential applicants:

• Industry experience specializing in Creature and Character systems

• A strong understanding of rigging systems within Maya, including the design and application of rigs into a reusable pipeline system for long-form series work and shared rigging systems across a group of characters/creatures

• A strong understanding of animation systems within Maya and how the application of your rigs can adapt to the requirements of series/commercial and or standalone projects including referencing and or caching requirements

• A demonstrated portfolio of up to date industry quality rigs including a video demonstration of rigging systems and their design capabilities and limitations

• A strong Mel/Python understanding, including its utilization for rigging/animation systems

• Minimum 3-5 years industry experience

• Projects will be undertaken in Maya 2015+, so it is recommended to have a solid understand of all features included within these software versions and how they would affect a rigging and animation pipeline

• Although not essential, experience with Maya texturing systems including VRay is considered highly beneficial

• Strong communication skills and ability to work within team environments

Experience in other facets of production (compositing/effects/lighting) would be extremely beneficial to the approval process, but are not considered mandatory.

Candidates who wish to apply for our internal positions will be on a 6-month contract and are required to be an Australian Citizen or hold a valid Visa. It is our intention that the right candidate will transfer into a full-time position upon the completion of this project.

To apply send a copy of your resume and reel to [email protected]