senior project

i have a “senior” project that my school has implemented as a requirement to graduate. and i need a “mentor”
i basicly plan on doing it on computer graphics in blender and i plan on making, as a demonstration, a 10 to 20 min. video useing nothing but blender and maybe premirer.

if any one wants to be my mentor, sence i have not been able to find one around were i live, i would perfer them to be somewhat of an expert or fairly good at using blender, and is willing to type out e-mails to me on little tips and tricks that could be helpfull.

if anyone wants to be my mentor you can PM me your e-mail address i need one buy september 9th.

hahahahaha, u have to be a mentor! i had to jump in a pool and swim from one end to the other in order for me to graduate… so HA!!!

oh… and i dunno who could help ya out with yer whole thing… definitely dont look at me cause i’ll just make stuff up! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

peculiar I didn’t notice this thread before

would that happen to be that one school with ms. simpson… [or at least at one point]

I’d be willing to help, but I am certainly not someone in the industry
[and if it is that school, you may know me already, and my reply would be about 3 hours too late]

you can probably find people in the class with family in the industry, or close enough to help you. Also, the faculty very often has good connections.