Senior Project

OK so, i have to do this huge project for school and if i fail it i have to take senior year again. so…i’m here looking for ideas. i know i’m going to do an animated short. i cant really do voices or anything but music would work. i want something with a plot but doesnt need talking.

my girlfriends suggestion:

tour of a zoo.

but that doesnt really have a plot to it. idk. if anyone could give me some ideas or feed back it would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much.

you could do a ‘humanity - society’ kinda thing. i.e. sad music with animations of whats wrong with humanity (that’s kinda what i would have had to do for my senior year…) y’no, pans past ruined buildings, explosions, people shaking their heads and walking away sad… stuff like that.

anyone else have any ideas?