Senior Project

Greetings Blenders of the world, my name is Caden (kay-den) and I have a question for you all.
My school is currently requiring a rather large project as a final grade worth 30% of my final Literature Grade. Basically, if i fail this project, i fail Literature, and then I don’t graduate this year. Personally I’d rather graduate on time rather than taking another full year of school for one class. This project requires me to find a career that I am interested in learning about and then creating a tangible product using the knowledge I have gained from writing a 15page research paper. I have chosen the Electric Guitar maker, and if you haven’t guessed I will be making a fully functional electric guitar. I’m rather stuck on the design of my guitar and seeing as I’ve recently found Blender no more than a few weeks ago and that I’m a complete novice, I would like to ask a favor of this commnity.

I would like to create a 3d version of my guitar design in or to fully grasp how my guitar will/might look in the physical world.

If you have created an electric guitar model or have any knowledge of creating a 3d model from a 2d image please consider this. I will need .blend files for many different guitars (as reference images, along with use of parts, if I’m unable to figure out how to create them myself). Also if anyone has tutorials that might contribute to the creation of this guitar, please send them. Keep in mind, that I am a novice, i can learn very quickly if given the right material from which to learn, but my understanding of this program is juvenile at best.

If feel so moved to assist me, I will make perfectly sure to cite you and your works whenever i share my model. I would like to thank all of you in advance.

if you do a Search of these forums you will find quite a few threads already dedicated to modeling this favourite musical instrument…especially the Les Paul.

Yeah I looked this up. I searched “Guitar”, “Guitar+.blend”, “Guitar+Model” all i could think of. The ones that I could see the guitar, i couldn’t download the .blend, the ones i couldn’t download the .blend and couldn’t see the images (because of parental block on open imaging because of my 10yr old little brother) were most prevalent. Then the ones that i could see the guitar and were of amazing quality, i couldn’t download at all

You’ll need to talk to your parents, then, about temporarily removing the block so you can do your research and downloading. The net-nannies do make legitimate web usage difficult.

Oh, I’ve tried. I asked about a month ago, and then some. No go

Here’s a list of free file hosting services. What I’d suggest you do is check them out and find which ones you can access, and post that list here. You might do the same with free picture hosting services, although there is a lot of overlap.

Then, if someone offers you an image or a blend file, they will know where they can drop it off so you can pick it up.

Really, an email will work just fine. Send as an attachment or something. I can get on most of those. It’s mostly things like imageshack and photobucket, there are a few images i can see here, mainly the ones not on one of those two.

um cant use just use the shcool internet to that? also could you post a picture of the desigh you have so far? Im sure we could give you the help need from there from there

For that to work, Caden, we’d need to know your e-mail address, something I do NOT recommend posting in any open forum. If you have seen anything that looks like it might be suitable, you can PM the person who started the thread (click on their name) and ask them directly.

I have, I asked the person who made the “Electric Guitar” seven string Ibanez, best one I’ve seen yet, but they haven’t replied. That was over a week ago.
This is the topical veiw, very basic, the main reason I’d like to make a 3d model

sorry, i have to bump

So I was bord and looking at your referance and befor I knew it mad this. I dont really know how guitars look I just kind of guessed and I didnt even finish this yet but here it is.

if this is sort of what your what I could show you how to make this.
no one else seemed to be helping so I thought Id offer somthing.

HAHA! You’re amazing. Thanks. Yeah, that’s about what i’d like, though i’ll have to tweak it for contours, hardware, neck and colors and whatnot, but thanks a ton

for making a guitar, you just need to know the basics mainly, like extrude and scale along the different axis, using just these basics you can easily create a guitar/dfiferent guitar parts. Modelling a guitar is SOO much easier that modelling a human.

ok I finished a little you can take the blend and do with it what you will it was just fun for me:D
although I dont really know how the strings attach so I just stuck them there hanging in space you can figure that out right?:eyebrowlift2:

Are you serious? Thanks a lot Z. I’ll work on it some tomorrow and keep you posted on your model