sense of scale, focal lengh divide by grid units and periodic table for shaders?

I am trying to create a shoreline with a camera animation flyby. but it doesn’t look right, can anybody help me or give me some info on what I am doing wrong? is it the camera focal lenght? I saw the island tutorial but this doeskin help with shoreline side view since the landscape mesh cant do a beach shoreline only mt.

also, 2 more questions, is there away to lock the 3d cursor to the center of the grid. I hate to keep going into the panel and clearing the location settings after modeling something. the last question is the uv editor, is there away to snap the edges or vertices to the grid? I am doing it manually and would like to start having precise and accurate face layouts. I know how to straighten but not snap to grid or other meshes to align or lay another mesh on top of it.

imo, it’s too horizontal, and too even.

is there away to lock the 3d cursor to the center of the grid

No lock, Shift-C will put cursor at 0,0,0 and show all scene; dot on numpad will then help to center on previously selected object.

I also thought maybe I should scale it up. I was watching the island tutorial and they scaled the landscape addon by 16 ( I guess that means blender units) so it was big and i think not just the straight and even , even though I plan to make slopes for the land. I think it needs some type of scale like 200 yard wide and like 500 yards long or something. I just hurried up and through that together to show the view. it’s weird to me in the render camera. thinking maybe it should be set to like 60 for focal length or something.

some thing like this , but maybe make the land and water longer so the camera can go more up of an angle? I know someone will say your only rendering what is in the camera but… I am not. I want to do a camera animation, so I am thinking ahead. maybe this big scene is just throwing me off since I am still a newb. I know shoreline look easy but it doesnt look right to me and it’s not like you can get a easy reference for that? i mean I have tried it from a Ariel view in ortho top view while modeling,. it doesnt work unless it’s my scale issue .

also anybody know how I can erase all my blender history? I mean i made a temp folder for my history I even uni- stalled it but once I reinstall blender, all my settings are the same. isn’t that weird? I cant get a fresh blender unless I reinstall windows 8.2 which is what I have.

regarding the startup settings, I think ( I may not be current on this ) it’s a file called b.blend in your blender directory. you simply delete that file, and it restores to original settings. a new file will be written next time you quit, but will just contain the default setup. I’ll just check to see that I am still current on this procedure…

I just uninstalled and reinstalled blender. all settings are still the same. where is this b.blend file? thanks. if you find out. I am going to look it up too. I thought maybe because of my saved blender files even though I uninstalled it is maybe doing this.?

I could not find the file in my own blender folder on my newer comp, and I couldn’t find mention of it after version 2.4 or so, so I guess the procedure has changed. I am not sure what it is, but I will look into it.

it’s ok. I somehow figured it out. I just went into each folder deleted anything with a b at the front uninstalled it and now I got a new copy. I kept getting cycles and all my settings not matter what I installed.

also, new question along with old about the land, water and my camera, aren’t you suppose to learn the camera shift for ortho and perspective views along with what camera lens you need which i think there in millimeters and you divide millimeters from metric (blender default or metric scale for real world size) correct?

anybody know where would I learn more about this shift option under focal length that help with this? . I heard about this today when I was learning about rule of thirds and previs shots .

I know you dont really have to worry about real world scale exactly . By this I mean enter the dimensions in blenders default or metric settings say a 7 foot plank is 7 and 4 inches is .4 . and you still get a sense of scale instead of say a 3-4 foot fence that is almost as high as a person or house. but what about landscapes? enter say 1-- or higher for feet?
s I guess using imperial units you dont get exact grid snapping for modeling I notice well exact snapping to each grid while modeling my dimensions. .

last question is I thought about shaders and nodes and is the settings used from the periodic table? like metal and would. the hardness etc and that’s where you get the point 5 and so on because anything over a .5 can scratch glass etc. so what about light decay and fall off? i am going to learn more about color but I guess so far from what i know you use the opposite of war and cool color for your scene and you just tweak it. so a light yellow is mixed with a key or fill light and then you use the histogram to check your settings for light that may be to bright or light correct?


I used a empty. that should help. if I hide a light or camera will this not effect rendering?