IS IT ANY GOOD ? IS IT WORTH THE HASSLE ? IS IT BETTER THAN BLENDER FORMAT ? Does it do automatic retopo?:slight_smile:

Yes… Yes, but it’s like learning a new way to use Blender… It’s better if you’re just starting out–more intuitive… No auto retopo.

If you’ve used Blender for a good while it might throw you for a loop, but if you commit to it, it will serve you well–it will just take some extra learning because some things are moved around and a lot of the keyboard shortcuts are different from standard Blender. My advice: if you are done with learning Blender through tutorials and are familiar with it… give it a shot. Just be aware that if you need to follow a tutorial, it may be more difficult due to the key mapping.

@Reidh, it would probably be good to include a link to what you’re talking about for people who aren’t as well-informed.

Also, if you don’t mind, could you avoid writing in all caps?