[sensor] near

I have some crash, in some case, when I use the sensor “near”.
For example, in the files: http://download.blender.org/demo/old_demos/demos/LogicBricks220.zip

the file near_property.blend crash blender 2.42a when i press P than esc.

The file message.blend do the same result (crash).

I know these files are old files :wink: , but, i would like to use the “near” and message sensor in my game.
I have try the “ray” and “radar” sensor, but that’s not the same result, even if we could have interesting gameplay with those sensors too.

Is it a bug for the near and message sensor (with these files) ? Or is there another methode to do the same thing in blender 2.42a ?

Thank you very much.
(Sorry for my english)

Some people complain about the near sensor crashing. I’m using it and not having any problems. The message sensor gives two positives rather than one positive and one negative but no one has complained about it causing a crash. I know there is some problem with trying to use sumo saved games or older games in Bullet. So you should probably do a rewrite and test it that way.

I tried the “near_property.blend” file on the zip you pointed to and it did fail after “p” and then “esc” (on the latest windows release). I tried it again in “bullet” mode and it did not cause a crash. I did notice that in “bullet” mode the effect of the sensor seems to be at least twice the distance as in “sumo” mode (i.e. you must get the actor back before the gate comes down). Since sumo is being deprecated I would just make the near sensor with the “bullet” libraries.


Thank you for answer.
yes, it’s true, it’s a matter of sumo (depreciated).
When I change the physic (bullet), blender doesn’t crash :slight_smile:

But, the example doesn’t work in some case, butnow I can study these files and test it in our game.

Thanks again.


Actually the example file does work, the problem is that because the scale seems to be off. The effect of the actor appears at a much larger distance. Pull the camera futher away and try again you will see that as the actor gets closes the gate activates ( only difference it that the radious is much larger).