Sensor physics type bug?

Did they change the functionality of the Sensor physics type in 2.75 or is it broken? This is a simplified test blend collisiontest.blend (464 KB) I’m finding that it does not detect collisions anymore. The top plane is sensor type and bottom plane is static type. Previous to 2.75, the game will exit when the cube collides with the top plane but in 2.75 it no longer detects the cube. This breaks my current project.

This was caused by the character physics type on the cube. Changed it to dynamic and it works as intended. Keeping it as character physics causes it to crash.

is the detected thing marked actor?

sorry can’t test, it crashes as soon as I hit P and the game exit before I could even react :eek:

@ Captain Andrew, you must be using the official stable release of 2.75 that crashes with a character type object(and soft body)

@ BluePrintRandom, it does not matter if its actor or not.

Apparently its something that was introduced with daily build i’m using. They fixed the character and soft body but broke the sensor.

physics -> collision sensors only detect actors bub

try again bub

Detect actor

Sensor should detect only the objects with Actor option enabled. Unset to detect all objects."

your right, I always checked detect actors, or it did not work…

also that was before I knew about sensor.hitObjectList

This was fixed by Tristan at July 3th ( You should use a daily build after that day or wait to 2.75a release

i believe that fix had to do with a sensor logic brick. i’m referring to the Sensor physics type(ie, Static, Character, Dynamic, No Collision, etc.). this issue is still present in the build from July 4th. was going to try a new build last night but the download kept failing.

the latest build took care of this problem