"Sensor Spotlight" - A close-up look at each of the BGE's sensors

Hello everyone!
This is the home for “Sensor Spotlight” A tutorial series which will cover each of the sensors, controllers, and actuators in-depth. Along the way we will look at what makes each of these special, how you can use them in examples, and some of the things that you can do with them in python. Enjoy! And constructive criticism is always a welcome sight :yes:

Always Sensor
Actuator Sensor
Collision Sensor
Delay Sensor
Joystick Sensor
Keyboard Sensor
Message Sensor
Mouse Sensor
Near Sensor
Property Sensor
Radar Sensor
Random Sensor
Ray Sensor

I think it is a good introduction. The video is fine and I like your voice. You did a great presentation.


It was long time incorrect in the documentation and I thought it is that way a long time too. But the sensor does not send positive or negative pulses. This is a misconception of the pulse mode.

Correct is: The sensor triggers the connected controllers. This trigger can be seen as pulse. But it is value-free there is no negative or positive pulse. There is only pulse. It is the same as your heart does either it pumps or it does not. There is no negative pumping ;).

So the first statement is correct: “TRUE level triggering” makes the sensor send pulses to the controller (which is “constantly triggers the connected controllers”).

The second statement is not correct “send out negative pulses”. It is just a “pulse” (one per frame).

The purpose is to notify the controller to execute it’s processing.

Thanks for this video

Given the advice from monster (huge thank you by the way) I have re-uploaded the video with a few modifications. Enjoy!

Updated the main post to include the link to the second video. I also added the schedule which is a new video every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Videos should be posted by 12:00 midnight (Canadian/US EST). Enjoy, and again feedback is greatly appreciated! :yes;

One of my RAM cards failed and so I was running on 6GB and had a hard time rendering the video. I just ordered some new RAM so hopefully future videos will be up on time :slight_smile:

Murphy’s law holds true once again :o. The new tutorial has finally been put up, and the other four that should have been up by now are either being edited or uploaded. Thank you all for your patience.

Just past the halfway point for the Sensors. Let me know what you guys are thinking! :yes:

Finally back from vacation! Hopefully this new set of tutorials is good! :yes:

I am finding your tutorials very usefull. Keep up the good work.

Double digits! If all goes according to plan I should be able to upload one per day now. :yes:

Finished all of the sensors! now on to the controllers!