Sentient #6 (lowploy BGE)

Greetings guys. I’ve been taking to get to accustomed to my new job, so I haven’t done much, but now I’m able to find a lot of time for me to get some stuff done. Apart of my story for my future RPG project, here is the beginning of Sentient #6 (nevermore inspired background). I finished normal map and texture map for him, I’m going to lighten up the color around the face to make it more realistic.

Things to work on and finish in order:
-Basic animations
-Hair (if anyone has a good tutorial for making hair, I’ll definitely appreciate it)

But thanks for reading guys and I hope to hear responses. I’ll try to work on typing up the story line so you guys can also read that (may be posted in WIP BGE section).

Here’s the face so far at 500 verts


Alright guys, just got done modeling the body and applying normal mapping to it. right now it stands up to 528 verts. Let me know what you think and if there is something that needs to be worked on.

Extra: I’m not trying to be very detailed about it, as long as you can tell it’s a human body, then I did what I needed to do, detail will be added later in the aftermath.

By the way, just kinda wondering what a good technique would be to fit the head on the body, cause if I make the body mesh apart of the head mesh, the textures and normal maps will fuse over to the body from the head, and take loads of work to correct. Thanks for the help guys.


Hey guys, update here. body is done with the textures. Not the best looking thing, but it works for a the beginning stages of my future game project.

only at 1400 verts so far ^.^


Maybe a closer look could add more details and more comments.:wink:

Pretty much finished model. Just have to put in the eyes and then I’m done. Armor my be re-designed in a later time, but it’s going to work for right now. Please C&C if you will.

right now it’s standing at around 3k verts, wondering if this is to much for this quality of a model, but I hope you guys will help me make that assumption. Thanks.


uhh… Rigging issues… I’ve rigged this character and applied weight painting to the best of my ability buuuut. The deformations are still… ugly. I’ve made sure the right vertecies are assigned. I mainly get this issue from the arms. When it bends at the elbows, it starts to mesh or go inside the upper arm, and the upper arm meshes into the body.

The legs are almost ok at the knee, but it still doesn’t look as good as it should. I’m still learning how to rig and just starting to understand IK, but I’m failing to learn when and where to use them and how FK things need to be. Maybe I just need to sleep on it, cause right now I’m tired and kinda frustrated. I’ll include the file so maybe someone could help me? Thanks.


Sentient6.blend (230 KB)

Hey guys, almost finished rigging. Been kinda slow getting things rigged up cause I’ve been getting frustrated and discouraged from time to time trying to get this guy rigged up, but now I’m starting to get more comfortable with rigging and I’m learning new techniques thanks to man candy FAQ and blender for dummies. the feet and legs are complete rigged and finished. I have to finish tweaking the elbows and then rig the hand+fingers. The head, neck, torso, waist, legs and feet are done and ready for animation. next up on the list are the completion of the arms and complete the hands. Facial animations will be limited to eyes, eyebrows, and mouth (trying to keep things simple for right now). Anyways, without further a due, a pose (render but also in-game quality). He’s about around 3k verts and I plan a re-texture with a few lil tricks I learned.

Any C&C would be awesome, thanks guys.


Update here:
Finished rigging my character up finally after many agonizing hours trying to figure it out. I redid the textures and made the eyes for him. Not the best looking thing at all but right now I’m focusing on less on detail and more on my span of knowledge, but I will go back over the mesh and make everything look a lot nicer when I get the first few sections of my game down.
But here’s a walking animation that I plan on improving as well when I decide to go back over the mesh for a cleaner, nicer model.

I think the walkcycle is great for a first try, looking at it i cant see anything that i would improve, but you probably will improve it:)

thanks for the words, basically I need to fix up the action strip so it doesn’t have a long pause before each cycle, which is annoying heh. But possible make it flow a little bit more, make the walk seem more natural and relaxed.

Looking good. You’re right about the walk cycle though. Eliminating the pause will help it a lot.

A few things that might help the walk cycle…

-The motion of the head is a little unnatural.
-The legs seem to snap out too quickly at their full extention.
-The torso rotates too much and is in-time with the hips. Make it very subtle, almost non-existent.

  • The fingers are curled in too much. Try to put them in a relaxed state, just a little bend.
  • Make the wrists bend very slightly through the cycle.
  • The shoulders are moving the opposite direction that the arms are swinging. That makes it look unnatural.

yeah, thanks for the heads up, definitely going to work on it as soon as I can tomorrow, but right now I need sleep hehe. I’ll try to post up a new and updated video when I’m done fixing it up, thanks guys.