Sentry Gun for your home

model in blender 2.53
render in cycles

Need protection for your home?
Need to keep the theft away?


you know using camera tracking with this would be awesome! good job :smiley:

^good idea, I willl need to learn more about it tho. it will be interesting.

Although it looks great (that metal shader for the panels looks amazing) I feel that it is a bit off.

The one on the left (because of having three legs, I presume) looks like it is leaning.
Maybe try rendering it from a camera with a much smaller angle. Maybe a 65mm? I assume right now you are using ~30mm.

Other than that, the design is cool, and I like the idea of having this put into a scene using tracking :slight_smile:

I think the barrels need a bit more depth back to the receiver and it looks like it’s going to fire a .22cal down a 20mm barrel. Everything else looks pretty cool.

Oops cant believe I didn’t notice the ammo don’t match the barrel, I have fix it in the update plus adding little things like power bar (3 been fully charged).

Equip it with a tail. enable it to fight close range and see any blind spot