Hey guys here is what I have been working on for the Blender Guru competition:

I would love to hear some honest feedback and suggestions

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Very Nice model :slight_smile: Now I do love the snow, but if it is snowing that hard it would appear on everything. Also the glove texture needs some grunge and wear. It looks too perfect at the moment. Same with the jacket. Also I would experiment with the lighting a bit. Other then that it’s looking promising :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your criticism. I totally agree with what you’ve said :slight_smile:

I work on implementing them over the next little while.

again thanks

Nathan :slight_smile:

The rain on the left looks different from the rain on the right (or snow). The look of the particles look different too.

I find it strange his beard rolled up into a ball (maybe I am misinterpreting the picture). The color of the beard and the tip of his beard are different?

His fur cloak could be more shaggy and heavy.

Vignette is a little too strong. In my opinion, they look best when really subtle.

That man has HUGE biceps.

That looks like a small bottle on wine on his side? (isn’t too scale but I do not quite know what it is).

Random strands of hair on his face look weird.

I’m liking the concept. I would love to see where it goes.

Thank you guys for your feed back here is where about 6 more hours has brought me…

I would love to hear some more critiques :slight_smile:

I think the blue channel is too much saturated
But exept that, it’s good !

In the first shot, light was definitely playing around his face, although the side of his face was in an objectionable shadow. The “high key” lighting gave some interesting possibilities, in contrast to the bright balancing “snow” that’s altogether missing in version #2. While the second shot is a better exposure, it is also much less dramatic and interesting. The very-substantial light source to the right of the camera is now so powerful (and, unexplained) that the sentry scarcely needs the light.

To start with, let’s use some color. The light is probably yellowish. The (presumably, night) surroundings are a complementary blue. The light should be showing most-strongly on the sentry’s face, also bringing our gaze irresistably upon his face and thereby also his personal character.

The original lighting concept made the sentry look … alone, isolated, menacing, powerful, mysterious, and “walking away from a light into the darkness and perhaps into danger.” It was dramatic. And, all of these emotions are conveyed strictly​ by “the light.”

Wow, really good job so far. I might like to see it with the snow again though.

I’ve updated it more on this thread :slight_smile:

So if you could direct your feedback to hear:

Thanks :slight_smile: