Separate animations in one object?

I’ve just recently started doing a little bit of animating, but I’ve been wondering… How do I get more then one animation on one object? I know about the make x - x frames this animation, and x - x frames this one, but is there any other way?

If you go into the dopesheet there is a drop down menu, change it to Action Editor. From there you can click the new button and make separate animations.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Whenever I do this, it duplicates the previous animation, and when I try to delete it, it deletes all of them. I am supposed to press the plus [+] button next to the animation name, right?

You can click the x and then create a new one. Blender won’t actually delete anything until you close. If they have a 0 next to their name in the drop down box that means they will be removed when you close Blender. So to make sure they’ll be saved click the F button. (Yeah I know, it’s confusing :/)

Thanks for the help. I think now I finally know what to do :cool:

But just to be certain, in the graph editor, it should only show the animation name that you are working on, and the armature that you are working on it in, right?

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