Separate array objects in 2.8

Is there a way to separate an object from an array so you can edit it or delete it from the array?

At the time you create the array is there a way to define each object as a separate object?


Apply the modifier

Which modifier?

Probably the array modifier.

I’m not asking how to make an array, I’ve already done that, What I’m asking is if you already have an arrray can you alter the individual objects in that array?

You can still enter edit mode and modify the shape of your object, the changes you make will be applied to the rest of the objects. As long as the array modifier is not applied, the copies will not be editable. You can separate every mesh and turn it into a separate object by:

  1. Apply modifier
  2. Enter edit mode and press P
  3. Select “by loose parts”

This will separate every mesh into a single object.

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Thanks for your patience. As it turns out I unfortunately applied the modifier already. I had tried the P separation but I had only tried by selection not by individual parts.

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