Separate blend files missing assets ...

I’ve been making a FPS game for the blender game engine for some time now. I’ve noticed that objects disappear when I run the game such as bullets won’t emit or any other object emitted will not work. I have to relink a object to get all the missing objects. So, basically if I relink say “Rocket” then the missing files such as “Bullet” and “Rocket” will show up and work properly, But I only relinked “Rocket” not “Bullet” yet! the both now work. If I save and reload the blend file both the files will not work then I have to relink one of them to get both of them to work…:confused:
I’ve tried the “Find Missing Files” and set them to “All Paths Relative” and also “Make all Paths Absolute”. Nothing seems to fix this error and I’m not going to pack all the files into one blend file that would take 512mb each level no way I like Source files systems more.:no:

I apologized if there’s any spelling mistakes or grammar problems.:rolleyes:

I can’t help you on your specific problem. It sounds a bit strange.
I advice to keep all objects and groups straight separate. Try to avoid linking data through multiple files e.g.

a.blend links object B from b.blend which links mesh C from C.blend.

You can find my thoughts on linking at BGE Libraries.