Separate Mesh Then Join + Remove Doubles = Fail

I dont understand why this is happening but it drives me crazy.

Blender version 2.49

1 cube.
Go to edit mode select 1 face -> P -> separate selected => 2 different objects
Select both objects in object mode and -> Ctrl + J -> join selected meshes
Go to edit mode and press A to select all the geometry and Remove Doubles

The result is that no vertecies are removed because after the whole process the position of the vertecies that form the plane that got separated from the cube gets altered … and i end up with vertecies that i dont need …

Why does this happen?

i think you need to Ctrl-A the object before


This seems to be fixed in blender 2.5

yeah well … i dont know what the problem was … mby the Ctrl + A works i dont know … i just deleted everything and started from scratch with a new .blend file:))

Cant w8 to start working in 2.5 … but i guess i have to w8 until i finish all the projects that i have in 2.49

tnx for reply`s btw