Separate object made with bezier curves

Hey, question. Just designing a logo comprised of several parts using bezier curves. Decided to separate curves and using the ‘p’ key. The object selected remained on screen while the others vanished leaving only a ‘dot’ as a reference. How do I see these other parts? Lol. I’m used to separating meshes, but not used to working with curves. Is this possible?


With a Bezier you should still see it drawn in black unless you have a custom Theme and your background color camoflages it. With Surface NURBS they will disappear when in Shaded or Potato mode and you can change the DrawType in F7 to Solid or Wire.


I have a logo which is comprised of 4 x jigsaw parts. This is made from bezier curves and so far not converted to mesh. I have been trying to separate them as I thought this would allow me to apply colour to each section. I’m having trouble making separate objects. Can anyone help?

Deselect all with A, hover your mouse over one curve and hit L to select, then seperate with P.