separate objects after offset

I draw a circle, then with the offset command (addon) I create a smaller concentric circle.
So, is generated a single object consisting of two concentric circles.
How can I separate it in two distinct circles?
In edit mode I tried to select it, press the p key, chose selection.
It should be the correct procedure, but nothing happens, remains a single object.


Hi tux,

the p-key is labled as “Seperate by…” (f.e. selection) this means: select the faces/Edges/vertecies you want to be another object (in your case ether the outer or the inner circle. And then hit P-key. tab out in object-mode. hit A to deselect all. You will notice that you now have two objects, which is also represented in the outliner, which is showing somethin like circle and circle_001.

As you are in edit mode on P-action, it seams as if nothing happens, but if you look up the outliner, you will see the new object apearing. Thus when you tab back to object mode, the whole original mesh (which are now two) is/are selected… with the first “deselect” all you notice also in view-port the existance of two meshes(objects).

Thank you, it works fine.