Separate Objects in bone rigging move when they shouldn't

I’m trying to learn how to rig bones now. Here I have my base mesh which is the whole body, I have a collar, I have a bottom teeth set, a tongue, eyes and top teeth set. I went into each object and paired it to the mesh with the automatic weights. However, when I move my jaw bone, it not only pulls the bottom jaw and tongue, but the top teeth set and the eyes, I looked into weight paint and the bottom jaw is only effecting the bottom jaw. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I also must add that all the separate objects I paired to the automatic weight have a dotted line stretching all the way down to the world origin 3D cursor, I’m not sure if thats right.

:edit: I deleted the automatic weight transform and changed it to bone relative, now it stays where I want it but I don’t believe I did the correct thing nor do I actually know what I did. However I did the same thing for the eyes and the eyes still move with the jaw. I’m trying to make a VRChat avatar for added context. I’m doing this one step at a time, no idea what I’m actually doing so I rely on any guide I can possibly find for each and every tiny thing. In this case, I want to have talking, moving eyes, facial expressions and full body tracking. I need the eyes to move, the top teeth to stay put, the bottom teeth and tongue move with the jaw and the collar to have limited bouncy motion.