separate overlapping meshes

Is there a way of making meshes automatically move so they no longer overlap? I’m trying to simulate a sphere made up of voxels by using a cube and then dupliverting that onto a sphere’s vertices. It looks pretty close, but some cubes really overlap each other and it would be nice to have them move outside of their neighbors’s space.

The only ways to achieve object collisions in Blender are through the Game Engine or through one of the other Physic simulations like Cloth, Soft-body, or Fluid. None, of these would really help with what you are trying to do. Maybe tray, developing a sphere with more evenly spaced verts so that the cubes are not overlapping.

Thanks. I haven’t tried the Physics simulations yet. The effect goes on complex geometry too, so I guess I’ll have to use what I’ve got going so far.