separate pupil stick to eyeball

I’m working a simple toony character, and I just realized theres something I’m not sure how to animate with Blender.

As you see the eyes are oblong and the pupil is a separate mesh. Since these can’t really track by rotating them, I have to move the pupil piece around and have it stick to the eyeball. Is there any way to set this up so its easy to animate? Any other suggestions on animating an oblong eye?

either join the meshes with CTRL-J or animate the eyes using lattices.

I will probably use lattices to make the eyes squash ans stretch during animation.

What I’m concerned about is being able to aim the eye so the character can look up and down without moving his head

If I join the objects, I won’t be able to make the pupils look down with out the eye popping out of the socket; I can’t rotate the oblong eyes lengthwise.

Right now I’m thinking I will have to parent the pupil to a bone and try and animate its location so it stays attached to the eyeball.

What I need is a way to constrain one mesh to the surface of another.

Perhaps when I start animating a better solution will present itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

AHHH HAAA parent the pupil to the white of the eye.

I don’t think thats going to work.

Check out this clip(60kb Divx)

Left to right is ok, up and down they pop out. :frowning:

just move the pupil up and down. Or use RVK but i suggest moving the pupil