Separate window.

I want to create a separate window in Blender,but I didn’t even know where to start from and it all seem like it was gonna take forever to clean up the mess. :frowning: I know too little for python.

Please! I will profoundly grateful to you all.

It‘s like Blender User Preferences.

this window have

You can shift-click and drag on the little striped triangle at the bottom left of a window, and it will open in a new window. So do it on your viewport and you get a new viewport in a new window.
Sadly (and this is supremely annoying) it’s regarded as a seperate program instance, so alt-tabbing back to Blender won’t focus it/raise it above other programs. This makes it useless for my purposes, so I find I hardly ever use it.

Thank you very much, although this is not what I want to answer.Because you let me learn what I didn’t know.thank you.