Separated face cannot be selected or edited

right now I’m following the tutorial “Creating an old creepy house”. I had to create the roof using “Bridge edge loops”, and when done, select the upper edge and create the top of the roof with the hotkey “f”, filling in a new face by that.
The new face then got separated, the rest was hidden, and the new face had to be cut with the knife in the following.
Only my face refuses to go along.
I noticed the outer edge was colored red, and I could not select it at all. Not the face, not the edges, not the verts, and not the whole object. (Yes, I made sure to be in the proper mode.)
When I unhide the rest of the roof, and try to select the separated face, I always grab what is beyond it.
Can somebody help me with this, please?


Are you in 2.8 and how did you separate the face “P” separate? Did it make it a new object in the outliner? If so then you can select the face and shift select the mesh you separated from and “J” join them back together and they will be editable again. In 2.8 you can shift select multiple objects and edit them at the same time. Could you post a screenshot?

I am in 2.78, and I separated by typing “p” - “separate by selection”.
I’m not too sure if I really created a new object.
When I un-hide the roof and select everything with “a”, the roof face remains totally unaffected…

Hmm, how can I attach the screengrab?

Yes it created the selected face you separated as an individual object, Which means in 2.78 you can’t edit it unless you select that object and go into edit mode despite them both being selected. You can go into object mode, select the one hold shift and select the other. Once both are selected you can press “J” for join to get them back as one object now if you go into edit mode they will both be there.

As you can see right here, I started with just a cube. You can see it in the outliner on the right where it lists the camera lights and all other objects in the scene.

Now with that face selected and separate done. You can now see in the outliner there is a cube and a cube.001 And the face I separated is no longer able to be edited until I select the object cube.001 in the outliner or “tab” back into object mode and select the face I just separated “Cube.001”

Now if I “Ctrl+J” in object mode after shift selecting both the Cube and Cube.001 in the outliner then you can see they are now back to one object which can be edited in edit mode.

Hmm, not too sure what happened right now. I went into object mode, then back into edit, (which I have done all night last night, and now it selected the face just fine. The red outline is gone too.
Well, I still have a second file, where I stopped when the same thing happened last night. Maybe I can compare them both and find out what it was.

Thanks a lot for Your quick help

No problem. Just found the tutorial vid you are doing. He used “H” to hide the one roof portion. To unhide any hidden portions you can hit “Alt+H” to unhide. Also works in edit mode as well. Good luck with the rest of the tutorial.

Thank You very much :slight_smile: