Separated objects being affects by others

I made a model and then separated some different parts of it because I wanted to apply different materials. But when I put a material on one part, the material was applied to every part. What do I need to do to be able to give each part a separate material? Thanks.


I had that too, shortly.
Press F9

  1. Attribute a name to each vertex group, click on Assign. Don’t forget to deselect all and than ask Select (the name of the group is to be choosen just under the sub-title “Vertex Groups”) on the vertex group panel: here you verify if it really does select the wished part.
  2. Just on the right of this same Panel you see Link and Materials. Pic one (or create a new one), select it and Assign it to the selected group ON the Link and Material Panel.

Thereafter, you can make as many groups you wish and have them separate if you take good care of having ONLY the right vertexes selected.

and you make the material unique

if there are textures you also ahve to make theses textures unique!

I will have to try this… But what, if you need this material placed here and there on different groups around your scene?

you select object then go to material panel and selct the material you want

that’s all

material panel see pic

Thanks for the replies. I have it under control now.


If you wound up with linked materials, you can also select all meshs that use that material through the select menu and then choose object-> make single user -> material.