Separated objects won't animate!

I am doing an animation of a TIE fighter crashing into something. I selected some sections of the TIE model and separated them using the “p” key. Once I have the TIE model segmented into separate objects I brought up the “Singe User” menu with “u” and selected all the separated objects to have their own animation data.

Even so, none of the separated objects will animate. I even manually created keys in the graph editor but nothing will happen.

Any idea why this is happening? I checked in the Outliner and each object has it’s own animation data yet they still will not animate.

Yeah I think there is something screwy with it. I never get it to work. Here is what I do
to get it to work like I think you want it to with the animation.

Animate the cube call it rocket.
push it down in the nla

Go into edit and split the parts.

I now have two strips in the NLA for the actions
One for each piece.

I create a new action for each piece and I animate that and push it down on the NLA
I move the strips to where i want
If I don’t do it that way, the first action never unlinks and it
supersedes everything I do next and hangs on. I think that is what you are seeing.

Yeah it could be a bug.rocket.blend (489 KB)