Separating a low poly plane

New user here. I’m trying to create a low poly terrain and separate it into individual tiles. Here are my steps:

  • Add a grid object.
  • Subdivide a couple times.
  • Add a cloud texture.
  • Add Displace and Decimate modifiers.

This is where I get into some trouble. I tried selecting the entire grid object and do an edge split. Then select all faces and do a separate by loose parts. Although I does separate each tile individually it looses the low poly look. Is there any way to fix this or a better method of accomplishing the same thing?

Show us exactly what you want to achieve and what you are actually seeing.

Supply a demo blend file that clearly shows this

Good idea.
The smaller object is what the grid object looks after I apply the edge split and separate by loose parts. I would like the end result to look like the bigger object but cut up in equal size squares that I can tile later.

Supply a demo blend file that clearly shows this
Supply a link to your blend file.
A blend file at the point before you separate the loose parts and a blend file with the final result you are seeing above

Sorry about that. Here are the two files.


BeforeSeparation.blend (177 KB)AfterSeparation.blend (1.27 MB)

A user over at r/blenderhelp made this video showing his method of slicing up the mesh without changing the topology after you apply the decimate modifier.