Separating items

mystone bridge.blend (625.5 KB)

i watched a video Quick tip - Duplicates along path and make this row of stones.

following a path in a different way.
A. they do not seem neatly in a row
B. how do i separate the? to make each a little different?
ctrl p one at a time?
i did the alt C to convert from curve to solid.

thanks all
i use 2.69 but i expect the theories are the same

A. Because the mesh is crooked - not aligned to object axes. Disable the path constraint and look at the object with Local orientation. The brick is rotated in edit mode. You’ll need to align it properly, and also put the origin in a sensible place like the base of the brick.
B. Duplicate the brick and do an Apply -> Make Duplcates Real, followed by Make Single User -> Object & Data if you want them all to have unique meshes.

mystone bridge fixed.blend (208.3 KB)

thanks very much Stan_Pancakes for your help

how do i separate the bricks so i can make them not all the same?

? I’ve answered that too.

thanks for your help