Separating Meshes. Noob Needs Help!

Hi Guys this is my first post here and I am very new to blender.

I have been working on some dominoes and accidentally added meshes in edit mode not object mode and so all the meshes are counting as one object. I would like each domino to be a separate object for obvious reasons. Is there an easy way to separate the meshes without having to start it all again?:confused:


And I don’t know whether this will make a difference but I am using the 2.53 Beta version of Blender.

Thanks again.

This is a question that gets asked about once a week. If you have many separate pieces that you want to be separate objects, go to edit mode and press ‘p’ -> ‘not connect’ or something like that (can’t remember the exact option and I don’t have access to blender atm). The use of the other options should be quite obvious as well.

Oh, sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks ever so much for your time and effort to answer!:slight_smile:

Also what you can do before that step is select one part of the mesh and hit ctrl + L to “select linked vertices”