Separating objects causes weird material issue

Hello all,

I am very new to Blender but recently picked it up and forced myself to learn the program. Currently, I have taken a logo of a friends company, sketched it out via bezeir curve and made it 3D. Now I am making an animation where the different parts come together to complete the logo. I have the logo looking somewhat metallic and satisfied thus far with the results. Now, the issue lies with when I have taken a part of the logo, separated it from the main mesh/object (which constitutes the logo). Reason being, I noticed for a keyframe to register a moving part from my logo the individual parts had to be separated. However, when the parts come together each separated part’s material does not look unified with the overall logo/object. As each small part has a weird swirl.

Hopefully that made some sense as I am new to all of this… If this is a common problem I would love to know how to get around it.

Thank you!

Hello Eric…

Welcome aboard!

Would you say that the textures have shifted?

If so, this is caused by the texture coordinates of an object changing when the bounding box of the object changes. There are ways round this - but right now this is just a guess of what the problem might be.

I could really do with a few screenshots to help visualize the problem. Show as much info as you can, including the material nodes, if you’ve altered them. Try to show everything that you’ve altered, including the objects them selves.