Seperate all faces at once


I’m trying to make a TV that falls and breaks in many pieces.
I wanted to do that with the physics buttons, but I have a question:
Is it possible to seperate all the faces in a mesh as single users?
Now i have to do “P seperate selected faces” for a million times… There should be an easier way to do so.


thanks in advance

I had this problem many times before…so I guess other people would find it usefull to get such a tool in blender.

Umm… I haven’t tried to make a mesh that falls apart, but I think that the easier way would be to seperate just major pieces of the TV, like the sides, screen, top, legs (or each leg if you want it to crumple :wink: ) and antennae (if you want BOTH to crumple :wink: ). It’s probably a better effect to have the thing crumple in large pieces than small pieces. You could then only enable dynamic physics on the TV sections (to make them fall apart) when something happens to them (you punch it, you shoot it, it explodes, or whatever you do with it).

Yes Maybe it looks better.
But still I would find it very usefull to be able to seperate all faces from a mesh with one click…

well theres your problem XD

you shouldnt have a million faces in one object if you are using it in the GE