Seperate animations...

Hi. I’m making a game in the unity game engine, but I’m using blender to do some models. I want to do animations for these models, but I don’t know how to get them out and assign them to the models. I want to have a falling animation, a running animation, a jumping animation, and a walking animation, but I don’t know how to export a bunch of different animations for one model. Please help me, and thanks.

P.S. The model is already rigged and textured.

Edit: I wasn’t being clear. I don’t know how to export an animation without it being like a MOVIE. thanks.

In Blender 2.5, there is an export animation script in the User Preferences (ctrl+alt+U)
Maybe that will help. Sorry I never exported to Unity.

I’m assuming you are using 2.5 cause you didn’t say.