Seperate Particle systems in same mesh

is there a way to do this?

I am modeling a bird and need to produce downy type feathers all over the body EXCEPT on the face/beak the beak is easy enough to separate into a separate object so it doesn’t grow feathers…but if i disconnect the head/face it will not move right when animated…so what I am wondering is is there to seperate the mesh in the particle rendering but not in the mesh rendering

or if there is a way i am not thinking of animating an organic mesh like that with seperated meshes

Better to keep all the particle systems on 1 mesh. The characters of Big Buck Bunny have the same (example: 1 particle system for the overall hair, 1 for the tail, 1 for the whiskers).
If you want certain parts not to have any hair you can do that with vertex groups or manually place it in Particle Mode