seperate when you press 'A'

I created a UVSphere and moved it to where i wanted. Then I created a ICOsphere and moved it where i wanted.

I right click on one of the vertices, and select it. When I press ‘A’ to select all of the vertices, it selects all of the vertices in both of the spheres! Why? How do i make it so that ‘A’ will only select all vertices in one sphere?

Here’s why:

You’ve created them as one mesh. Meaning, you didn’t quit edit mode after creating first sphere and created two spheres in one object, therefore, they will act as one object.

To create 2 different spheres you do this:

1.) Create one sphere.
2.) Press Tab to exit edit mode.
3.) Create another sphere.
4.) Press Tab to exit edit mode.

Now you will have to objects (two spheres). You select either one of them with right mouse button and press Tab to enter their edit mode. And there you can work with individual sphere’s vertices.

Hope that helps!


select all the vertices in one sphere. Press P key. Press selected. Press the tab key. Select whatever sphere you want, press tab again to go back into edit mode and edit the vertices of your chosen sphere. You now have two seperate objects. I think this is what you want to do. Go through some of the beginner tutorials…

and to only select the verticies that are linked (like only one of those spheres, when both are in your mesh), press the L key with the cursor near a vertex on that part of the mesh

shift+L will deselect in a simlar manner

And ctrl+L to select verts linked to ones you have selected