<edit>I changed this to just a thumbnail up here, the new finished project is #6 post by me. Thanks for viewing my work.</edit>

Just decided to do a “paper child” picture. I drew my favorite cartoon characters, Pon and Zi.

Made with pencil, camera, and GIMP.

I actually really enjoy this…

Nice stuff!

That’s cool but the big DELL logo kind of ruins the feeling :wink:

really nice but I agree that the background disturbs the hole atmosphere, I think a cool location would be a backyard or something :yes:

Thanks bunches for the comments guys! :slight_smile:
I’ll try taking some more pictures in different areas later today, and then maybe get them uploaded.
First I need to remember where I set the two little guys… I hope I didn’t toss em.
Again, thanks for the comments, I appreciate it!

I know I didn’t get the pictures taken right away. It was raining, and I can’t really take pictures of paper when it’s raining.

Well here it is after post-pro. I think that this one conveys the emotion much better.

And in case you want to see it before GIMP, here’s linky. (Note, I resized the original, 2,500px is too big.)

That’s better ^^

I think the unmodified version looks even cooler than the b&w one

Thanks! :slight_smile: