Seperating joind objects

I’m working on a model of a machine for future use and realized that a 9x9 square of buttons I made I joined, via ctrl+J, which should have stayed separate. I can work around it if need be but is there a way to separate each button?

Yes, go into edit mode, select the faces of each button one at a time and press Pkey, then click “selected” to break it off into a new object.

XD Thank you so much

You’re welcome dude :slight_smile:

So I used the Pkey to separate some logo elements… hoping to put them onto color specific layers… but now I can’t select them? I can see the objects, but tabbing, A’ing, or Z’ing to another view still wont allow me to select the vertices or faces or the object entirely???

Any ideas?


afaik you can’t have multiple objects showing faces in edit mode at the same time. Is that what you mean?