Seperating mesh

Hi there, I looked on Google and found how to separate a piece of mesh from an already existing piece of mesh §. But I would also like to completely change the attributes of the separated mesh and have it not effect the already existing mesh. Can someone please tell me how to do this?


Not sure what you mean.
by seperating parts of a mesh, the new mesh shouldn’t affect the old mesh at all.
By attributes you mean materials? You can delete the link to those.
In the Materials panel. Links and Pipelines, Press the X next to the Material Name

I did this but now when I change colors one one mesh it changes on the other too. Perhaps I’m doing something off here. sorry. I’ll try again. thanks.

It should be as easy as pressing X.
Would you mind posting the file here

Your advice helped. Thanks. I just goofed earlier. Thank you.

Can u simply duplicate the new piece of mesh with Control D, delete the old mesh, and then be left with an unlinked exact copy that SHOULD be manageable and alterable independantly? (shift D might be the one, one links them, one doesnt, sorry but I cant remember which).

I know thats a round about solution (assuming it works) but it might give u what u need.

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@longd0g, Your welcome. Good luck in your blender ventures!

@ProPain, its SHIFT-D, to create a duplicated unlinked mesh, with all the attributes of the old mesh.
So the material would still be there.