seperating objects!

First I create a wall with a rectangle cut out. Now when i add a new plane to create something else like say the skirting, both are connected in object mode and I can’t seem to seperate them, so that i can put them in respective layers. all i can do is create a wall and save. then create a skirting and append the wall. Is there another easier way of doing this.hope this makes sense.thanks all

when in edit mode select the skirting board and press p


Select one vertex of your skirting and press ctrl-l (thats a lower case L as in love). This selects all the connected verticies of your skirting. Then press “p” (separate) and choose selected. You now have 2 objects.

The reason that this is happening to you is that you are adding the new plane while still in edit mode which just adds the new plane verts to the mesh your editing (this is often useful). If you tab out of edit mode first and then add the plane it will create a separate object.

Hope that made sense,

you only need to press l not ctrl l

you only need to press l not ctrl l

You are right!!! Funny all this time I’ve been typing ctrl-l. It even says ctrl-l in the select menu for the shorcut!

Thanks for the tip,

also with just l you dont need to select a vert first just need to to press l while you cursor is over the vert


Lkey selects the vertices linked to the one closest to the mouse pointer.
Ctrl-Lkey selects the one linked to the selected vertices.