[Seperation][update 1 - 11/1-05]

just a little bit of a concept for a future project(when i finish my The.Wasp one that is…)

the idea is the “Seperation” from the royalty and the peasants…hence the big bridge between them.


wow. I like it. Nice color. But what that peasants go to the Kings palace?

thats the point…its seperation. they aren’t supposed to…its making a statement that leadership is kinda on its own little “High Hill” in a sense…

Nice but still too polygonal… especially the doorways and the big tube the surrounds everything.

IMO what would make it look better is to add something besides the castle to empasize the scale. Maybe some trees or a courtyard on the royality side. Or just some smoke from either side.

Interesting idea, keep going!

all good idea’s ! and the low-poly feel will be fixed as this project progresses. seeing as how its just a begining it will be a while before any big details are added.

here’s another update.

just more modeling


i have alwase liked your work but i have one question were is the tunnle that you had in the first image?

You’ve added another great work to your already impressive portfolio nephets. If there was one thing I’d change it would be technology. The peasants have the straight edges and that’s just not right. Make them fully poor and chip it up a little.

well, i deleted the original tube and replaced it with another more smoother one. so i haven’t gotten a chance to put the tunnel back. and with the castle, i decided to get rid of the tunnel.

eather way i like it.

thats an excellent suggestion, but all that can be done in texturing. so thats when i will probably do it :]

Thanks. I was also wondering if you were going to give it any characters at all?